These Disney Channel Original Halloween Movies Will Make You Scream (With Joy)

While the world anxiously awaits the start of 13 Nights of Halloween on Freeform every Fall, another channel holds a lot of classic (and pretty damn scary) Halloween movies. If you’re a late ’80s or early ’90s kid, chances are that you grew up watching the Disney Channel and all of it’s amazing original movies. And while they blessed the world with classics like Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Smart House, their seasonal ones were on an entirely different level. Films like Can of Worms and Halloweentown were more fun and relatable (who didn’t feel Marnie’s pain of wanting to be a witch?), but others were just plain scary. Remember when Don’t Look Under the Bed was actually taken off the air after parents complained it was too scary? Or how the music from Phantom of the Megaplex haunted your dreams? Look back at the Disney Channel original Halloween movies now!