Nvidia unveils Turing architecture and GPUs with dedicated ray-tracing hardware

Nvidia has unveiled its new Turing architecture along with details of the first GPUs to use it. Turing includes dedicated “RT Core” hardware designed to drive ray tracing, a complex technique that can deliver extremely realistic lighting effects but has been prohibitively resource-intensive to render in real time. Nvidia calls the new Turing-based Quadro RTX the “world’s first ray-tracing GPU”

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Arris made the first product to support the open Wi-Fi mesh networking standard

Earlier this year, an industry organization which oversees Wi-Fi standards known as The Wi-Fi Alliance, introduced a new standard called EasyMesh, which will set a common standard for mesh routers to work with ones manufactured by other mesh routers from other companies. Now, the first such device that will adhere to the standard has been announced. Last week, router manufacturer

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