Laptop bezels are dead, and IFA killed them

In the past few years, IFA has become a laptop show. It may not be the place where companies like Apple or Microsoft show off their flashiest hardware, but when it comes to the midrange, workhorse laptops that dominate the shelves at Best Buy and desks at schools, IFA is where you’ll find them. That’s why it’s so interesting that

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The US plans to end all support for UN agency that aids Palestinian refugees

The organization provides food, education, and health care for nearly 5 million refugees. President Donald Trump is planning to cut all US funding to the United Nations program that administers aid to millions of Palestinian refugees, multiple outlets reported on Friday, alarming the international community and potentially putting the program itself at risk. The cuts would come amid a general

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Trump just lost his best chance to kill DACA this year

A conservative judge in Texas refuses to issue an injunction, so unauthorized immigrants currently protected from deportation will still be allowed to renew. A federal judge in Texas has ruled that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — which President Trump sought to shut down in September 2017 but which has been partially reanimated by judges elsewhere —

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