20 Ridiculous Things Parents Do BEFORE a Disney Vacation Even Starts

In less than two months (55 days according to my Disney countdown calendar), my family, including my two kids, ages 4 and 7, will be making our first multi-day trip to Disney World. We’ve taken our oldest on a couple of one-day trips to the Magic Kingdom, but my son has never experienced the magic of Disney, and he’s starting to get pissed about it.

Hence the four-day, four-night excursion that we’re coupling with our extended family’s annual holiday beach trip. It could count as the kid’s Christmas present, I rationalized to my husband, who hasn’t forgotten how expensive one night at Disney was with one child and is fairly adept at doing the quick math of multiplying that by multiple days and kids.

Making the decision to go for it, I quickly realized, was just the first of about a million totally overwhelming and ridiculous steps to actually getting my family to meet the mouse . . . and I consider myself a Disney pro! If you’re planning a Disney trip like I am, you’ll probably find yourself doing some, if not all, of the following 20 crazy things before your trip even starts. Sanity be damned in the name of Mickey!